Proper Sleep Helps You Eat Better

You know that a proper nights sleep is good for you, but it goes deeper than you may think. Do you know that folks that are sleep deprived tend to eat more sugar and carbs than their well-rested counter parts? Science has backed this up with research. It is very important to work on your sleep. Let’s cover reasons you may not be getting good sleep and some suggestions to change that.Cure-for-snoring


Snoring is something that can wake you up at night. Whether you’re the one that is snoring or have a bed partner that snores. If your partner snores, you may want to get this checked out by a physician as this can be a sign of an underlying sleep disorder – sleep apnea. This disorder causes folks to pause in their breathing while sleeping. It’s an important medical condition to get treatment for.

If sleep apnea is ruled out and medical interventions are out of the question, you may want to try various snoring devices available on the market. For example, Zyppah is an anti snoring mouth piece that helps position the tongue and jaw to help alleviate and, even prevent, snoring. Check out one of this Zyppah review ( for more details.

Also check out this youtube video for more information:

Wikipedia also has great info here.

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